Penobscot Nation Tribal Internet Access – Indian Island

Note: The Bulk Purchase Program was finalized with Spectrum on January 12th, 2024. We received reports heading into mid-February that Spectrum was still billing some Island residents for internet services. In agreement with the Chief’s office, we wanted to avoid anyone being double billed, and decided to push the first Bulk Program billing into March. The billing period will be Feb 12th thru March 11th, with this first bill going out soon. Please know, this change date, and later due date, will not impact anyone’s services in anyway. We are managing it on our end. We, once again, THANK Island residents for their patience.

Thank you

For New Orders to the Bulk Program, call: (833) 697-7328

For Internet Service/Wifi Tech Support, call: (833) 697-7328

The above number is to Spectrum contacts, who will add new accounts to the program, send the initial equipment, and ensure your internet is moved to our program. Spectrum will continue to bill separately for any other Spectrum services customers receive from Spectrum, including TV cable packages and phone land line. Also, please not, with Spectrum upgrading their internet speed from 3000 Mbps to 1 Gigabit, many residential customers will need to call the (833) 697-7328 phone and request the newer upgraded Cable Modem & Wifi Router that will throughput the 1 Gigabit speed. Otherwise, the older equipment will bottleneck at the 300 Mbps. Spectrum can only provide this new equipment, not All PIne Solutions.

For PIN Billing, call: (207) 817-0373, staff at All Pine Solutions is ready to help with any internet billing questions. Please leave a message, if no answer, a return call will be made Asap.

Portal Safety: Note, our portal and website are encrypted, all information given using the portal is protected under multiple security safety protocols.

Promos, other prices discrepancies: We have received a report that an end user’s rate for their phone/cable service increased above a current promo rate they were under, after the internet services were removed from the overall plan bill. This should not have occurred as a result of separating out the internet services. During our due diligence, and negotiations of this deal, this specific situation was raised with Spectrum, and they informed no changes would be made and those promos rates for the other services would still be honored (until such time the promo itself expired.) If you believe this has happened to you, please contact us at your earliest convenience, we will certainly contact Spectrum and find out why this is showing up on your bill, and work to have it corrected. Again, no other services should increase while participating in the Bulk Purchase Program. We are here to help address any and all events inconsistent with the program that we agreed too with Spectrum. Also, if you are still being billed for INTERNET SERVICES by Spectrum, you should not be. Please call us, we will address it with Spectrum. Hold off paying PINE until we can sort it out for anyone still being billed. Thank you.

Internet Payment Portal.

Welcome to the All Pine Solutions, LLC, online payment portal for the Penobscot Spectrum Bulk Purchasing Agreement. The Bulk Program cost is $32 a month for 1Gb speed.

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